The Corners That World Forgot

After the breakup, I have never been shy to know new people.

There is a guy from Iran, very sweet and polite. One day, we was chatting through iMessage. He was talking about Persian, which I had had a sense about, and its food. When he mentioned chickpea, I said, oh I love it, used to had it when I had Arabic cuisine. He responded that to be frank, it is insulting to cognize a Persian as Arab. Instantly, I felt that what I said may be perceived differently as what might be offensive. To be polite, I apologized.

However, as someone who loves the exchange of the culture, how can I miss this part of the world? My ignorance on that part of the world is to pack all of them as a group and treat all of them the same. I remember when Richard went to Tehran for the first time, I worried as hell, an indication that I had stereotyped all of people from Middle East as what we have been seeing in media. On the other hand, I was quite curious on their cultures, religions, and languages, because that is the part of world, from the education I received, I have never got deep understandings.

With that thoughts, where else of the world has been forgotten like this? For me, they are South America, Africa, East Europe and West Asia, and Southeast Asia. What a world I can discover! As such, should I be so sad about the breakup? Half and half. The counterfactual is that I settle down and then let those wonders escape from my curiosity. Will I still be the one who believes in that life is once adventure?

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